Frequently Asked Question

Trace2 Biometrics, LLC is committed to the protection of individual privacy rights. Safeguarding the privacy and security of applicant(s) biometric identifiers and personal information is of the highest moral and ethical priority. We value the trust that businesses and individuals place in us, and we work hard to maintain that trust.

Trace2 Biometrics, LLC is an Illinois Licensed Fingerprint Vendor (license # 262.000101), under the Professions, Occupations, And Business Operations (225 ILCS 447/) Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint Vendor, and Locksmith Act of 2004.

Helpful Links

Illinois Department of Professional Regulations (IDFPR) – PERC card Fingerprint Results look-up

Illinois Department of Professional Health (ILDPH) – HCW Registry 

Illinois State Police (ISP) – FOID & Conceal Carry license online application portal access and information